Commissioned by the Museums of Scotland to commemorate the opening of The New Building

  • 2tpt.2hn.2tbn
  • 3 min

Programme Note

Max has relished incorporating brilliant tuckets and alarms for brass in his larger-scale scores too much to write a perfunctory fanfare; a seminal influence was the statue of St. Michael on the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, where he studied in the late 1950s, generator of high trumpet fanfares throughout his output which resurface in apocalyptic style towards the end of his recent orchestral work Roma, Amor. So this original celebration of a distinctive piece of architecture – the new wing of the Museum of Scotland – has two high-reaching virtuoso trumpets joining the close mesh of horns and trombones. The horns catch the infectious energy, trilling and hunting with a share of the limelight before the racy combat of all six players end in the unexpected blaze of a swelling B flat major chord.

David Nice


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