• Thea Musgrave
  • From One To Another I (1970)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Written for Peter Mark and the Monday Evening Concerts, Los Angeles

Tape in collaboration with Daphne Oram; tape available on hire

  • Viola/cassette
  • 10 min

Programme Note

In the several pieces I have written using tape, my main interest has been to find an exciting and satisfactory way to combine it with live instruments, for I still value the live performer as an essential part of a musical experience. Thus the source sounds are entirely taken from the viola and treated electronically, so that on the one hand the tape is not simply an adaptation of what could be played live by a second viola, but on the other hand, it retains just sufficient qualities of the original sound to match and blend with the live instrumentalist. For the whole idea is that the live viola closely interacts with what is on the tape. Hence the title.

From One to Another is based on the Elegy for viola and cello written earlier but it is an entirely different work. The main mood is indeed elegiac with some more violent and dramatic outbursts. It was written for Peter Mark and first performed by him at a Monday Eve concert in Los Angeles in November 1970.

Thea Musgrave