• Robert Walker
  • My Dog has Fleas: A Capriccio for scratch orchestra (1990)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • 2(pic)222/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.perc/hp/str
  • 8 min

Programme Note

A Capriccio for scratch orchestra

Since before Bach composers have manipulated a series of notes by working-out combinations and permutations to suit their needs. Since Schoenberg and his 12-note rows, however, this pursuance of logic through the use of note-rows has reached obsessional proportions. After Schoenberg the row has steadily reduced from 12 to a mere handful upon which composers build towering structures of musical logic. Now, at last, the penultimate! A mere four notes are used in this piece: in tonic-solfa - Soh, Doh, Mi, Lah.

And the title? If you ask a ukulele player to what note he tunes his instrument, he will immediately burst into song. "My (Soh) Dog (Doh) Has (Mi) Fleas (Lah)."

The piece lasts about 8 minutes, and was commissioned by the Eastern Orchestral Board to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

© Robert Walker 1990


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