Elizabeth Maconchy centenary

Elizabeth Maconchy centenary
© Suzie E Maeder
2007 marks the centenary of composer Elizabeth Maconchy, a distinctive voice in British music of the twentieth century. Raised in Ireland and later a pupil of Vaughan Williams in London, Maconchy was strongly influenced by central European masters such as Bartók and Janácek. The composer’s most widely recognised achievement is her music for strings – Maconchy wrote 13 string quartets over the course of her long career, whilst her works for string orchestra often show the composer at her most lyrical. However, not to be ignored is the large body of choral and vocal music for groups of all sizes. Maconchy also wrote three one-act operas, which can be performed individually or as a double, or triple-bill.

A new brochure of the composer's works is now available from Chester Music.

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