Tan Dun: Duisburg Prize for Tan

On 30 October, Tan Dun became the 16th recipient of the distinguished Musikpreis der Stadt Duisburg in Duisburg, Germany. Since 1990, the Köhler-Osbahr Foundation has annually conferred the Musikpreis der Stadt Duisburg to honor outstanding achievement in music and music theater and offered a monetary prize of 15,000 Euro. Netherlands Opera artistic director Pierre Audi, who collaborated with Tan Dun on his opera Tea, offered these words at the ceremony, “...The prestigious Duisburg music prize is once again for Tan Dun a confirmation of the great appreciation his music continues to command. His stature as an artist and his commitment to bringing us closer to accepting that music is not confined to our Western traditions but indeed highlights how much this tradition owes and relates to Eastern influences are once again recognized and honored by today’s Prize. Tan Dun has done this with style, with depth, with invention...” Previous Musikpreis der Stadt Duisburg winners from the Music Sales Group include Hans Werner Henze.