The Glory of Young Voices

Transient Glory Commissions

Richard Rodney Bennett: The Ballad of Sweet William

Geoffrey Burgon: Shirtless Stephen (and the Children’s Crusade)

Michael Nyman: A Child’s View of Colour

Bright Sheng: The Boatman’s Song

John Tavener: Glory to God for this Transient Life

Judith Weir: Little Tree“Transient Glory” returns this season on 29 April, when Francisco Nuñez and the Young People’s Chorus of New York City gather at the Ethical Culture Society to premiere new works by Mark Adamo, John Corigliano and Thea Musgrave.

“Transient Glory,” Nuñez notes, “is a project we undertook to celebrate the glorious, though fleeting sound of a children’s choir, a sound that imbues music with a particular poignancy and innocence.” The choral series honors young voices by commissioning new music by major international composers; this concert features the premieres of Adamo’s Garland, Corigliano’s One Sweet Morning and Musgrave’s Going North. These new choral pieces join previous “Transient Glory” commissions composed by Music Sales Group composers Richard Rodney Bennett, Geoffrey Burgon, Michael Nyman, Bright Sheng, John Tavener and Judith Weir; each work will be added to the ongoing Transient Glory Publishing Series.

Mark Adamo
Garland 5'
English texts by Emily Dickinson
SSAA; pf

John Corigliano
One Sweet Morning c.3'
English texts by Yip Harburg
SSAA; pf

Thea Musgrave
Going North 7'
English texts by John Keats
SSAA; 2cl

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