A sensory bombardment of a hit: The Royal Danish Opera’s new production of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer

“The Royal Opera passes the test of strength: to create a children’s opera that proves there is a point to the genre. The children sit on the edges of their seats and crave more. It’s exemplary...” Berlingske Tidende’s reviewer Lotte Bichel had six stars and nothing but praise for Andy Pape and Bent Nørgaard’s Sigurd the Dragon Slayer after the premiere on 18th March at Takkelloftet. And there were more words of praise from JyllandsPosten’s and Politiken’s reviewers: “This is a really rare creature: an opera for children that talks neither up nor down to them, musically or textually” (JP 20.03.06) “If Dad, Mum, Grandad or Grandma are with them, there’s a fine music-theatre experience to be had for those who all things considered are too small for Siegfried on the Opera’s large stage...” (Politiken 21.03.06)

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