Lutoslawski Revisited

Lutoslawski Revisited
Leon Botstein leads the American Symphony Orchestra at Avery Fisher Hall
© Steve J. Sherman, courtesy
American Symphony Orchestra
Witold Lutoslawski. It's been over ten years since his death, and his imprint on contemporary music remains vibrant and strong. On 18 November, Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra honor the great Polish composer with a concert retrospective entitled "The Career of Witold Lutoslawski." "Lutoslawski," shares Botstein, "demonstrated that being modern did not require sacrifice to emotional intensity, accessibility, and originality. He was among the most singularly poetic, intense and sensitive composers of the twentieth century."

Lutoslawski's music is personal yet adventurous, filled with aleatoric technique, and an extensive exploration of melody. Recently, the Lutoslawski Estate granted permission for his works to be choreographed. His is a catalogue ripe to be delved into and rediscovered through the world of dance. For more details on his works, log onto:


"The Career of Witold Lutoslawski"
Symphony No. 1 (1947)
Musique funèbre (1958)
Symphony No. 3 (1983)
Chain 2 (1985)

— 01 NOV 2005

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