Philip Glass: "Symphony No. 8"

Philip Glass: "Symphony No. 8"
© photo by Mark Seliger
Symphony No. 8 marks a return to symphonic writing based on instrumental music alone. My recent symphonies - Symphony No. 5: "Requiem, Bardo, Nirmanakaya," Symphony No. 6, "Plutonian Ode," and Symphony No. 7 "A Toltec Symphony" - are all driven by text. Symphony No. 5 is based on Ancient, Classical, and Aboriginal writings; Symphony No. 6 is inspired by Allen Ginsberg's poem, and Symphony No. 7 is a transcription of a Native American song.

[For this new work,] Dennis Russell Davies asked me to think of the orchestra as a collection of virtuoso instruments as you would find in a concerto formation. Symphony No. 8 starts from this point in presenting ideas involved with timbre, density, structure, and melody.

— Philip Glass

Philip Glass
Symphony No. 8
Duration: 30'
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