Review: Bent Sørensen: “The Little Mermaid”

…THE LITTLE MERMAID is a Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary evocation of the famous fairy tale (a symbol of Denmark itself) and the author's own lovelorn life…Sørensen counterpoints the harrowing story - a soprano represents the mermaid - with extracts from Anderson's diary, sung by a tenor, but the main narration falls to three groups of girls' voices…The effect was as if a Christmas carol has been analyzed into its harmonic spectra and reconstituted in glassy, glissandoing orchestral half-tones…It was a true poem in sound, and the most striking new work of the season so far. - Paul Driver, The Sunday Times Bent Sørensen THE LITTLE MERMAID Duration: 24’ Text by H.C.Andersen/Peter Asmussen S, T; SA; 0.2(2obda).0+2Ebcl.2(cbn)/ 2perc/hp/pf/str Inger Dam-Jensen, soprano; Gert Henning-Jensen, tenor Danish National Girl’s Choir Danish National Radio Symphony/Dausgaard 12 August 2005; BBC Proms, London, England World Premiere

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