Review: “Chávez Project Volume 3”

From a distance, Mexico is the source of many beautiful things and the source of much chaos…The third of four Cambria CD’s by Southwest Chamber Music and the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble devoted to Chávez’s chamber pieces shows a composer smoothing and ordering Mexican art’s more ardent impulses. All the elements of Mexico’s eruptive beauties are here. Indeed, much of this music is for timpani and percussion. But Chávez, who died in 1978, managed musical composition…shrewdly and elegantly… Everything in this collection is attractive…Chávez had a distinct place in mid-20th-century musical history, and these recordings help us remember it. — Bernard Holland, New York Times Carlos Chávez “Chávez Project Volume 3” CUATRO MELODÍAS TRADICIONALES INDIAS DEL ECUADOR, LAMENTACIÓNES, CANTOS DE MÉXICO CANTOS DE MÉXICO, OTROS TRES EXÁGONOS, TOCCATA FOR PERCUSSION Tambuco Percussion Ensemble Southwest Chamber Music Cambria CD 8852

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