Review: Peter Maxwell Davies: “Naxos Quartets Nos. 3 and 4, “Children’s Games””

Following the success of Peter Maxwell Davies's first two "NAXOS QUARTETS", the third and fourth in the series are fully up to the standard established at the start of this unique project. This is mature music full of emotional power, intellectual rigor and fascinating aural perspectives, especially in its quieter moments…these [are] uncompromising quartets…The immediacy and understanding of [the Maggini Quartet], expressed by tonal richness, perfect technique and musical sensitivity of the highest order, pulls one into Maxwell Davies's difficult music with an almost hypnotic force. Irresistible. - David Hart, Birmingham Post Peter Maxwell Davies NAXOS QUARTETS NOS. 3 AND 4, "CHILDREN'S GAMES" Maggini Quartet Naxos 8.557397