Tan Dun: Review: “The Map”

THE MAP [is] a multi-media project mixing video of
traditional music and dance with [Tan Dun’s] own
characteristic take on Chinese music....As well as the
complete premiere performance, held outdoors in a
remote rural village on platforms above a river with
lanterns floating by, this DVD includes a documentary
on the assembly of the video sequences and the
preparations for the concert. The concert itself is a
remarkable event, sociologically and musically, but the
documentary insight into the various folk traditions is

— Barry Witherden, BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

Tan Dun
Anssi Karttunen, cello
Shanghai Symphony/Tan Dun
Plus film "Rediscovering THE MAP"
Davey Frankel, director
Deutsche Grammophon DVD NTSC 073 401-1