Les Noces - The Chester Stravinsky Edition

Les Noces - The Chester Stravinsky Edition
Chester Music presents Les Noces by Igor Stravinsky in a brand new study score as part of The Chester Stravinsky Edition.

First published in 1923 in its final form after years of rescoring, the culminating work in Stravinsky’s so-called “Russian” period is becoming recognised as amongst his most important works and a twentieth-century musical masterpiece.

The score incorporates revisions and corrections based upon relevant autograph and printed sources. An extensive preface covers not only the cultural background of the work but examines closely its development over eleven years, drawing upon hitherto undiscovered sources to produce an edition that is at once scholarly and intended as performance material. Also included are essays, notes on editorial policy, text and transliteration, and a full critical commentary.

Above all, for the first time, the score is presented as the outcome of exhaustive editing and research, the many long overdue corrections made and the discrepancies in several equally valid Stravinsky autograph versions explained.

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