Edition Wilhelm Hansen introduces the newsletter Notations

Sheet music – we work with it, we publish it, we are passionate about it – and the music that comes out of it is worth all the trouble. And of course, that’s why we do what we can to tell everyone about all the unique works and their composers for whom we are publishers; so that the music won’t just gather dust on our shelves, but get out and get heard where it’s supposed to be heard – in the concert halls, on the CDs, on the radio, on the street.
This is the first issue of the newsletter Notations, with notes on the new and older works of Danish and other Nordic composers published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen. In each issue we call on a few of the people who have worked in-depth with the staves – the composer, the musician, the conductor or someone quite different. We hope that new aspects of the music will emerge when they tell us about their personal take on the works – hopefully giving inspiration and pleasure to connoisseurs, music-lovers and those who are simply curious.
In Notations you’ll also be able to find your bearings among the latest works that Edition Wilhelm Hansen has chosen to publish; there will be extracts from reviews, notes on new CD releases, and we will be reminding you regularly of the many fine works from the heritage of the past that we also have in our catalogue. This way, we hope Notations will become an indispensable source of factual and enjoyable information about Danish / Nordic music published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen for the musical world in Denmark and abroad.

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