Poul Ruders receives Cannes Classical Award

The Danish musical world plans to conquer Cannes at the MIDEM fair, with HRH Prince Henrik as patron and composer Poul Ruders as the spearhead of an international cultural campaign. "We wish to present The Living Composer Award to Poul Ruders for his fantastic opera The Handmaid's Tale, partly to help to stimulate more interest in this composer's work , and partly in order to draw attention to one of the most important names in new music, not just in Denmark, but in the whole world." This was how the chairpersons of the Cannes Classical Award, David Hurwitz and Christophe Huss, explained why they had awarded the prize to Poul Ruders. The organisation that they represent is composed of international record periodicals. Representatives for the Cannes Classical Award, who are visiting Denmark at the moment, announced the dramatic news at a press conference at the headquarters of the national broadcasting company, Danmarks Radio. Ruders will be awarded the prize in Cannes on 20 January 2002 during the MIDEM fair, which will to a large extent be dominated by Danish cultural figures. On the occasion of the award to Poul Ruders, the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra will perform at the Palais des Festivals under the leadership of Norwegian conductor Rolf Gupta. The event, presided over by HRH Prince Henrik, will be utilised to promote a broad sample of Danish musical culture.

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