Gramophone reviews Andy Pape's "Leonora Christine"

Andy Pape's opera "Leonora Christine" (libretto by Nina Malinovski) for 3 singers and ensemble gets excellent reviews in the October issue of Gramophone. Michael Oliver writes: "An opera which powerfully heigthens its prison story with restraint and simplicity … It uses minimal resources, in short, but I would not call it 'minimalist'. It is oddly gripping, and I can imagine it being spine-chillingly effective in a simple staging. It could be listened to as an illuminating essay on how very little music needs to be added to a skilfully compiled text for a sum greater that the two parts magically to appear. The performance, by the artists for whom the work was written, is quietly vivid, and the recording leaves nothing to be desired." (CD released by Dacapo: 8.224171-72)

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