Fine anmeldelser af Per Nørgårds nye orkesterværk: Terrains Vagues

Orkesterværket "Terrains Vagues" opført af BBC Symphony Orchestra under ledelse af Andrew Davis i Barbican Hall i London den 1. april 2001, har fået overvejende fine anmeldelser i de førende engelske aviser. Keith Potter fra The Independent skriver i anmeldelsen A Bumpy and Never Dull Ride: "You have to hand it to the Danish composer Per Nørgård. Others may stumble and fall in this perplexing post-modern world, but he goes right on composing ... It’s a bumpy but never dull ride, through this notionally three-part piece. And when you’re thinking that it’s becoming a bit of a catalogue without direction, along come an ominously ticking woodblock and, after some further prevarication, that darned accordion again to frame a lurid, crucial climax. This in turns opens up wild dancing in the woodwind and, after many other vicissitudes, an impressive build-up to what has to be the end. And yet it actually isn’t: eventually, a sort of consonant calm brings this questing, compelling work to its conclusion." Matthew Rye fra Telegraph skriver "There’s something about the Danish psyche that brings and unmistakable earthiness to so much of the country’s music. The primary colours and rhythmic thrust that characterise Nielsen’s music can still be found nearly a century later in the music of Per Nørgård ... The 25-minute work begins in the depths with brutish grunts from the bass instruments, music derived from Nørgård’s recent Sixth Symphony this eventually gives way to oscillating wavelike ideas in the upper reaches if the orchestra until the whole collapses into wild converging chromatics, which put me in mind of chorus of distraught seagulls marauding a waste tip. Much of this engaging work, in which the BBC players ably coped with what often sounded like multiple concurrent tempi, is denied to reconciling seeming polarities: low and gruff, high and aqueous. They fight it out until the piece ends on a clear, aerial bell sound." Terrains Vagues får sin danske førsteopførelse 27. september 2001 ved en torsdagskoncert med Radiosymfoniorkestret dirigeret af Thomas Dausgaard.

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