Hans Werner Henze joins Chester Music Ltd.

Chester Music Ltd. (our London sister company) is pleased to announce that it has signed a long-term exclusive publishing agreement with renowned composer Hans Werner Henze. Henze, now enjoying a year of concerts to celebrate his 75th birthday, is one of the most individual and influential musical voices of the past 50 years, and his creative powers remain undimmed. James Rushton, Managing Director of Chester Music, states, "The opportunity to publish such a composer comes only once in a lifetime. We are delighted and privileged to be associated with the music of Hans Werner Henze." Chester will be the publisher of Henze's current and future compositions. These include: the orchestral work, SCORRIBANDA SINFONICA, which was commissioned by the NDR Symphony, Hamburg and will premiere this summer on 29 June 2001; a work for seven wind instruments, piano and percussion for the Ensemble Modern (which is scheduled to premiere next season in September 2001); and an opera for the 2003 Salzburg Festival.