World Premiere of Sarah Kirkland Snider's Eye of Mnemosyne

World Premiere of Sarah Kirkland Snider's Eye of Mnemosyne
Sarah Kirkland Snider

On April 18 and 20, 2024, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra gives the world premiere of Eye of Mnemosyne by Sarah Kirkland Snider.

Commissioned by the Orchestra for its Centennial Season, this premiere is conducted by Andreas Delfs, who has been a longtime champion of Snider's Something for the Dark. The piece will accompany an original film by Deborah Johnson, who created the visuals for Snider's Mass for the Endangered.

Eye of Mnemosyne is a seven-movement orchestral work that explores memory as a deity while illuminating the advent and influence of George Eastman's Kodak and its lens of nostalgia. Its narrative reimagines George Eastman as a vessel of the Greek Goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne, and focuses on the essential role that women -- the Kodak Girls -- played in Kodak's success in advertising and film processing. Here, the Kodak Girls are presented as descendants of Mnemosyne, muses who influenced and inspired how Americans began to arrange, capture, and experience their lives’ recollections using the instrument of the camera and the power of the snapshot. 

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