Phillip Faber creates ballet with the Queen of Denmark for Tivoli Gardens

Phillip Faber creates ballet with the Queen of Denmark for Tivoli Gardens
© Frida Karlsson

This summer, Klods Hans, a brand new ballet will premiere at the iconic Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, featuring music by Phillip Faber and production design by Her Majesty Queen Margaret II, Queen of Denmark. The ballet is based on the fairytale Clumsy Hans by Hans Christian Andersen, a rags-to-riches story about a foolish young peasant boy's journey from poverty to wealth as he endeavors to impress a princess and win half the kingdom.

Choreographed by Tobias Praetorius, the ballet has been especially commissioned by Tivoli Gardens for the open stage Pantomime Theatre within the gardens. As part of the garden's seasonal festivities, it will be performed regularly and free of charge for all visitors.

Her Majesty Queen Margaret II is renowned for her artistic abilities and recently received the Robert award, the most prestigious movie award in Denmark, for her costume designs for the movie Ehrengard. Having abdicated the Danish throne, she recently handed over the reins to her son, now King Frederik X. Klods Hans will mark the Queen's ninth production as a designer for Tivoli Gardens.

Phillip Faber is well-known in Denmark, both as a choral composer and as a former conductor for the Danish Radio Girl's Choir. He is also recognized as a television host for popular TV quiz formats on classical music. This production represents the first collaboration between the Queen and Phillip Faber, as well as Faber's debut ballet. 



Klods Hans opens June 22, 2024 at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen and is performed throughout the summer.

Ticket and opening hours is available on Tivoli Gardens website.

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