A New Eurydice Premieres at Boston Lyric Opera

A New Eurydice Premieres at Boston Lyric Opera
Matthew Aucoin
© Steven Laxton

In the world of Eurydice, all human experiences are ultimately washed away by the River of Forgetfulness. But their ephemerality might be precisely what makes them precious. - Matthew Aucoin

On March 1, 2024, Boston Lyric Opera unveil the reduced orchestration of Eurydice created by composer Matthew Aucoin and librettist Sarah Ruhl. This compelling new production, conducted by the composer and directed by Doug Fitch, delves into the profound bonds of family and love – between parents and children, between husband and wife. Eurydice is a resonant story of love’s beauty and brutality, and the power of music to find us in the dark.

Eurydice was commissioned by The Metropolitan Opera and Los Angeles Opera, where it first premiered in 2020. This chamber orchestra version was commissioned by Boston Lyric Opera and Opera Grand Rapids.

© Boston Lyric Opera

Based on the eponymous play by librettist Sarah Ruhl, Eurydice explores the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with keen attention to the inner life of its heroine. Throughout, the work “leavens seriousness with comedy” (Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal), especially in its fresh depiction of Hades and his underworld.

Orpheus’ aria that opens the gates to hell is sung in Latin at the demand of a trio of animated stones, who deadpan that “you can’t sing here. Unless you sing in a dead language.” Eurydice’s musical and narrative languages are far from dead, however, especially in their tender depiction of both romantic and parental love and their rich consideration of the respective power of music and words. 

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