Graeme Koehne: Melodious Modern Masterpieces

Graeme Koehne: Melodious Modern Masterpieces
Members of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 2024
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The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra provides a restful and tuneful program under the conductor David Sharp. The Persistence of Memory: elegy for oboe and string orchestra by Graeme Koehne will showcase. Audiences feel the gentle passing of time through this melodious piece. The oboe soars above the string accompaniment. Breathtaking, unashamedly tonal, brilliantly orchestrated and appealing. This work deserves to be much better known.

The Persistence of Memory is often heard with other graceful works from Koehne’s oeuvre such as Time is a River and Twilight on Dove Lake. All three works deliver intense lushness of scoring and instrumentation to appreciative audiences.

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