Celebrating Lunar New Year

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Wise Music wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year, and welcomes in the Year of the Rabbit.

Here are three ways to mark the start of the Lunar Calendar:


1. Rabbit Celebration for Ballet or Orchestra

The Year of the Rabbit has been honoured as a part of Sufjan Stevens' Year of the Rabbit which exists as a ballet (choreographed by Justin Peck to Enjoy your Rabbit); and for orchestra as Suite from Run Rabbit Run. Stevens discusses the creative process in the media tab here. Listen to the Australian Chamber Orchestra's latest recording of this work here.


2. Enjoy a Tan Dun concert in Sydney

Gather friends and family for a starlit evening of orchestral classics with a Lunar New Year twist. Featuring the Double Concerto for String Orchestra, Pipa and Zheng by Tan Dun, this will be an evening of good company and great music, presented by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


3. Produce a Bright Sheng opera

The taut, brilliantly constructed opera Madame Mao by Bright Sheng displays his distinctive musical style that mixes Chinese elements into an essentially western idiom. Sheng and librettist Colin Graham present their anti-heroine as at once master and victim of her fate.