Infinite Reception – Discover Per Nørgård

Infinite Reception – Discover Per Nørgård
Book cover to Infinite Reception

Music is the primary force – that is what I believe in. And then I discovered that life is similar to it.
- Per Nørgård

Discover the music of Per Nørgård in Leif Thomsen’s Infinite Reception.

Do you wish to dig deeper into the Danish composer’s music? Are you preparing for a performance? Or do you simply want to prepare for Per Nørgård’s 90th birthday in 2022?

Then this is the read for you, a handbook of Per Nørgård’s music.

My music has no intention of deceiving the ears, on the contrary it wants to put the ears into a “state of alert”!
- Per Nørgård

Infinite Reception offers a stylistic and aesthetical analysis of the music. Instead of an in-depth work analysis, Leif Thomsen chooses to introduce and study the great Danish composer’s works through the thoughts and ideas that lead to their composition.

As authentic as the composer himself, the book stays true to the essence of Per Nørgård.

I have nothing against complex music but it must be made in such a way that it is perceptible at various levels – always in such a way that direct access to the music is possible.
Per Nørgård

* * *

Danish composer Per Nørgård will celebrate his 90th birthday on July 13, 2022. A prominent composer, with an overwhelming catalogue of orchestral works, chamber music, choir music and operas, Per Nørgård has it all. A traveller of genres, inspirations and ideas.

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