World premiere of Hans Abrahamsen's 10 Pieces for Orchestra

World premiere of Hans Abrahamsen's 10 Pieces for Orchestra
Hans Abrahamsen
© Lars Skaaning

On September 2 the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and chief conductor Fabio Luisi open their 2021-22 season with the world premiere of 10 Pieces for Orchestra by Hans Abrahamsen from Danish Radio Concet Hall in Copenhagen.

Composed over two decades, 10 Stykker for Orkester (10 Pieces for Orchestra) is an understated title for such an eclectic piece that covers a dizzying music journey – from the most vulnerable poetic melodies to overwhelming volcanic eruptions. This new work is a combination of four pieces; Four Pieces for Orchestra, Three Pieces for Orchestra, and premieres of 10 Pieces for Orchestra - No. 8 - 9 and 10 Pieces for Orchestra - No. 10.

The colourful and poetic pieces are sure to find their way to many orchestras in the future and will no doubt be a performer and audience favourite for many years to come.

A second performance follows on September 3, at 7.30 pm local time.

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10 Pieces for Orchestra titles
I del: (2000-2003)

1 In sehr langsamer Zeit, immer ausdrucksvoll (In very slow time, always expressive)
2 Stürmisch bewegt (Stormy, with emotion)
3 Fliessend und unruhig [wie ein ‘Scherzo-Fragment’] (Flowing and restless [like a ‘Scherzo-Fragment’])
4 Sehr langsam (Very slow)

II del: (2014-17)
5 With a restless and painful expression
6 Calmly moving
7 Heavy

 III del: (2019-20)
8 Fluide et mystérieux, très calme (Fluid and mysterious, very calm)
9 Vite et scintillante (Quick and sparkling)

 IV del: (2019-20)
10 Adagio molto espressivo (Adagio very expressive)

Listen to Four Pieces for Orchestra and view the full score

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