Joby Talbot Everest: A Graphic Novel Opera

Joby Talbot Everest: A Graphic Novel Opera
Opera Parallèle's Everest – A Graphic Novel Opera
© Mark Simmons and Opera Parallèle

Nicole Paiement conducted the world premiere of Joby Talbot and Gene Scheer’s opera Everest, with The Dallas Opera in 2015.  Now, with her own company, Opera Parallèle, and in collaboration with The Dallas Opera, Paiement and her creative team led by Brian Staufenbiel, have produced the opera in the form of a “graphic novel opera”. Everest is the depiction of the ill-fated expedition of May 1996 which cost the lives of Rob Hall and Doug Hansen.


Everest is available to watch July 16, 2021 – January 16, 2022

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This cutting-edge work fuses the dynamic aesthetics of the graphic novel with the power of the operatic voice, with Talbot’s inspired orchestration taking a leading role. The music combines classical instrumentation with unique electronic samples of shortwave receivers and the climber’s radio conversations.