Inauguration Fanfares, Common and Uncommon

Inauguration Fanfares, Common and Uncommon
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The Hope & Harmony Ensemble, musicians from 14 orchestras led by Marin Alsop, will stream two masterpieces of American music on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 12pm Eastern Time, to celebrate the inaugurations of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris.

The two pieces celebrating the American President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, and the American people are Aaron Copland’s iconic Fanfare for the Common Man and Joan Tower’s vital Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, which aptly honors the remarkable milestone of the country’s first female Vice President.

The 14 musicians are members of the Atlanta Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, National Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Pacific Symphony, Peabody Institute, South Asian Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, and Utah Symphony.

The performance will be livestreamed simultaneously by its organizer, Classical Movements, all 14 orchestras, and partners including G. Schirmer/AMP on Facebook. In addition to footage of each musician, recorded in their homes and on site across the country, the presentation incorporates photographs and video illustrating “America the Beautiful” and the context of the struggle for civil rights and equality for women in the United States. Classical Movements has partnered with video and sound engineers Arts Laureate to produce these videos.

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Elizabeth Freimuth – Principal Horn, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Jaclyn Rainey – Principal Horn, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Ellen Dinwiddie Smith – Third Horn, Minnesota Orchestra
Nivanthi Karunaratne – Principal Horn, South Asian Symphony Orchestra
Barry Perkins – Principal Trumpet, Pacific Symphony
Jeff Luke – Associate Principal Trumpet, Utah Symphony
Elmer Churampi – Third Trumpet, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Alessi – Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic
Amanda Stewart – Associate Principal Trombone, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
John Lofton – Bass Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Velvet Brown – Lecturer in Tuba, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University
Scott Christian – Assistant Principal Timpanist, National Symphony Orchestra
Brian Prechtl – Percussion, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Cynthia Yeh – Principal Percussion, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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