Major Anniversaries for Ives and Cowell in the New Decade

Major Anniversaries for Ives and Cowell in the New Decade

Associated Music Publishers looks forward to the 150th birthday of Charles Ives in 2024 and Henry Cowell's 125th birthday in 2022. These two icons of American music — mavericks in the truest sense of the word — irrevocably altered the history of Western music through their innovations and their influence. The composers also shared a professional relationship for over three decades, in which each played an integral role in the advocacy of the other's music.

We encourage you to explore highlights from our catalog of Ives and Cowell titles below

Charles Ives
Concord Symphony
Postlude in F
Symphony No. 3

Chorus and Orchestra:
Symphony No. 4 performance edition

Piano and Orchestra:
Emerson Concerto

Henry Cowell
Ancient Desert Drone
Symphony No. 11 "Seven Rituals of Music"
Symphony No. 16 "Icelandic"

Piano and Orchestra:
Concerto Piccolo

Soloists and Orchestra:
Concerto Grosso

Further Resources
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Henry and Sidney Cowell's biography Charles Ives and His Music

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Cowell reflects on his career in 1961

For more information on Charles Ives and Henry Cowell, please contact Andrew Stein-Zeller:

Image: Henry Cowell seated with Charles Ives in West Redding, CT, 1951; Photo: Sidney Cowell

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