New choral CDs by Mealor and Whitbourn

New choral CDs by Mealor and Whitbourn

This March 2020 heralds the release of two new albums dedicated to the choral music of Paul Mealor and the release of a new choral CD from James Whitbourn

Signum Records releases ‘Blessing – The Music of Paul Mealor’ on 13 March, recorded by Voce – New England’s Chamber Choir - directed by Mark Singleton. Mealor first came to work with Voce in 2017 and since then have been a perfect pairing that stirs the soul with this album being no different.

Listen to the single Let All the World in Every Corner Sing by Paul Mealor

On 3 March, ‘Serenity – The Choral Music of Paul Mealor’ recorded by The Same Stream, directed by James Jordan will be released by the GIA label. This album includes Ubi Caritas at Amor, composed for the wedding of Royal wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William in 2011 and the beautiful, heart-wrenching interpretation of his ever-popular, Stabat mater.

The Divine Art label will release a new CD of James Whitbourn’s choral music ‘The Seven Heavens’ on 14 March 2020. This, the sixth all-Whitbourn disc to date, exclusively features works published by Chester Music. The centrepiece is the eponymous work ‘The Seven Heavens – The Life of C.S. Lewis in the Planets of the Middle Ages’ scored for choir and chamber ensemble. The performers are Cor Cantiamo, a professional ensemble directed by its founder Eric A. Johnson.

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