Vacancy: Music Editor (Classical & Contemporary)

Vacancy: Music Editor (Classical & Contemporary)
Reports to: Managing Editor, Chester Music Ltd/Novello & Co Ltd (Part of the Music Sales Group)

To work in tandem with the Managing Editor on the publication of composer-related printed scores and materials controlled by Music Sales Group UK classical publishing companies (and sometimes by MSG affiliate companies without editorial resource), on a timely basis and to a high standard so as to enable the distribution of these published works on sale and on hire.

These detail the key areas of the job:

Shaping the Business

• Maintaining high standards of editorial accuracy and presentation for the company’s publications;
• Maintaining working relationships with freelance editors, typesetters and proofreaders as necessary and on terms appropriate to support the publishing schedules;
• Being an active part of the review of systems to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the delivery of publishing schedules.
Developing the Product Offering

• Presenting for discussion ideas for new publications and series which have the potential to attract attention and produce income;
• Delivering the new works and editions in printed form for distribution on sale or hire;
• Contributing to the process of producing new composer or company catalogues as appropriate;
• Reviewing the back catalogue and identifying existing publications or performing materials in need of editorial attention and improvement;
• Delegating editorial, type-setting and proofing responsibility to individuals who are most appropriate to the job in hand.

Taking the Product and Service to the Customer/Market
• Delivering new publications and masters according to schedule;
• Taking direct responsibility for the delivery of new works by designated composers;
• Editing and proofreading publications as necessary;
• Circulating information on such new materials within the company.
Managing the Money
• Ensuring the delivery of new publications according to budget;
• Controlling setting, editorial and proofing costs within agreed parameters.

Managing Information and Knowledge

• Participating in overseeing the efficient application and maintenance of database resources within the Department;
• Proposing developments to existing database resources and systems to improve efficiency in this area;
• Overseeing the regular dissemination of new title/master information within the company.

The Job-Holder has all necessary direct access to the data, systems and human resources required to realise these responsibilities.

The Job-Holder may be called upon to:

• Identify areas for improvement;
• Evaluate and selecting ideas for improvement;
• Propose ideas for new systems to support the publication of new titles;
• Encourage others to come forward with innovation.

Internal Interaction
The Job-Holder has to work collaboratively with a range of internal people and departments including:

• Music Sales Editorial/Production
• Promotion
• Hire
• Sales/Marketing
• Distribution
• Copyright
• Managing Director, Chester Music Ltd / Novello & Co Ltd

External Interaction. 
The Job-Holder has to liaise, influence and negotiate with a range of people and organisations including:

• The Company’s composers
• Managers and agents of the composers;
• Freelance editors, typesetters and proofreaders;
• Editorial staff within the Music Sales Group’s affiliated companies;

The Job-Holder is also responsible for responding to related enquiries received from members of the public and to publish submissions.

Time Horizon
Many editorial projects require the Job-Holder to be able to deliver new publications according to short-term and specific deadlines. The Job-Holder must be able to manage many projects at once and to identify and successfully to identify and respond to priorities.


The Job-Holder has full authority to:
• Delegate projects to freelance typesetters, editors and proofreaders within agreed parameters

If you are interested in the role please email your CV and cover letter to
Application deadline: 9 am, Friday 2 March