Only the Sound Remains on DVD

Only the Sound Remains on DVD
Only the Sound Remains, the latest opera from Kaija Saariaho is now available to purchase on DVD. The Erato recording is derived from the world premiere performances at the Dutch National Opera in 2016. The French counter-tenor Philippe Jaroussky plays two supernatural characters, an angel and a ghost. The fisherman and priest are sung by baritone Davone Tines, while the production is the work of the celebrated director Peter Sellars.

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The opera sets two Nôh plays translated into English by Ezra Pound and Ernest Fenellosa – ‘Always Strong’ and ‘Feather Mantle’.

In the first play, ‘Always Strong’, a young lute player arrives in the celestial court following his death under violent circumstances. When alive, his playing was erotic and heavenly. But he cannot find happiness again. It is only his spirit which makes the lute sound as it used to, and this slowly disappears. ‘Only the sound remains…’

In ‘Feather Mantle’, a fisherman finds a cloak of feathers belonging to a female angel. He only wants to give the garment back if the angel dances for him, but she says she needs the cloak to do so. When the fisherman mistrusts her and says she must dance first, she answers that there is no deceit in heaven. Ashamed, the fisherman gives back the cloak and the angel performs heavenly dances, accompanied by heavenly music. Radiantly, she gradually ascends and disappears. 'Only the sound remains...'

Only the Sound Remains will receive its French Premiere at the Palais Garnier, Paris on January 23, 2018 and will run until February 7. Click here to book tickets to the Opera de Paris performances.

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