Debbie Wiseman: The Musical Zodiac

Debbie Wiseman: The Musical Zodiac
The Musical Zodiac, the new album from multi-award winning composer Debbie Wiseman MBE, will be released on September 16. Wiseman’s new twelve-movement orchestral suite brings to life the astrological symbols of antiquity, each movement an expression of the individual star sign’s characteristics and personalities. The Musical Zodiac is her debut album since undertaking the position of Composer in Residence at Classic FM in 2015; the album currently sits at second place in Amazon’s classical bestsellers chart. Wiseman conducts the National Symphony Orchestra in this premiere recording which is available to pre-order from Amazon and iTunes.

Over the course of the residency Wiseman has been keeping a video diary of the project, published on, allowing listeners to gain an insight into the processes of composing an orchestral work. Speaking to broadcaster Anne-Marie Minhall, Wiseman said of the project:

‘It has been absolutely brilliant. I have loved every moment and the great thing for me is, because I have been so used to working to a deadline, to a picture, to a story, to a film (that’s been my usual commissions), to actually have the freedom, in a way, of writing just comes to mind has been thrilling.’

Watch the full interview below:

Listen to samples from The Musical Zodiac plus the album's bonus track: a piano arrangement of Virgo.

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