Ludovico Einaudi and Greenpeace - Elegy for the Arctic

Ludovico Einaudi and Greenpeace - Elegy for the Arctic
Chester Music’s Ludovico Einaudi has teamed up with Greenpeace in a campaign to save the Arctic. Two weeks ago the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise set off from the Netherlands carrying the voices of eight million people - messages from around the globe calling for governments to save the Arctic from threats such as oil drilling and destructive fishing. Inspired by this petition and in support of its cause, Einaudi has composed a new piano piece Elegy for the Arctic which was performed and recorded for the first time by the composer at the Arctic atop a 2.6 x 10 metre, 2 tonne artificial iceberg. Einaudi, who joined the expedition at Svalbard, Norway, said:

‘Being here has been a great experience. I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world. It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.’

Speaking on board the Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace Spain Arctic campaigner, Elvira Jimenez, said:

‘Despite nearly eight million people calling for a Sanctuary in the Arctic, Greenpeace Spain is very concerned that the OSPAR Commission will bow to pressure from Norway, Denmark and Iceland. These three countries are opposed to the only Convention with the power to recognise the Arctic’s environmental value by protecting a part of international Arctic waters.’

To find out more about Greenpeace’s Arctic campaign click here.
To add your voice to the Save the Arctic campaign click here.

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