Listen: Music for Earth Day

Listen: Music for Earth Day
Established in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd to raise awareness about the environment and to remind us to appreciate the wonders of nature. Our lush planet, filled with diverse life, continues to inspire countless works of art, including a varied repertoire of music - that attests to its empyreal beauty. This playlist provides a selection of music that was inspired by or emulates Earth's landscapes, oceans, elements, and inhabitants. The playlist includes works by George Fenton, Vagn Holmboe, Aaron Jay Kernis, David Lang, Peter Lieberson, Thea Musgrave, Max Richter, Judith Weir, and Eric Whitacre.

"Here and there a break of color:
Odd bluebells - escapees from nearby woods . . .
The flaming wing of red admirals . . .

Nature’s warm narration —
The undertones of life."
— From "A Country Path in Late Spring," a poem by Mark R. Slaughter

Music for Earth Day

This playlist was contributed by Liam Alves