Juliana Hodkinson and John Frandsen receives prestigious Danish prize

Juliana Hodkinson and John Frandsen receives prestigious Danish prize
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The Danish honorary prize ”Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Hæderspris” is given bi-annually to composers and musicians and bi-annually to sculptors in memory of the great Danish composer and his wife, a well-known sculptor.

The recipients in 2015 are the cellist Andreas Brantelid and two composers connected to Edition Wilhelm Hansen: Juliana Hodkinson and John Frandsen.

The prize commitee described Juliana Hodkinson’s as containing ”a fragile sensitivity towards the tangible world – a couple of characteristic titles are Lightness for amplified matches, Why Linger you Trembling in Your Shell? A score which in addition to classical instruments also includes feathers, eggshells and table tennis balls. Her titles can also invoke a grandiose, romantic expressivity like I Greet You a Thousand Times for orchestra and electronics.”

Special mention is made of John Frandsen’s Requiem, a work published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen: ”In 2014 the an hour and a half long Requiem received it’s first performance. In the Requiem Frandsen mixes contemporary poetry [by Simon Grotrian] sung with a contemporary edge [by Teitur] with the ancient music of the requiem tradition, and establishes this mixture to great effect.”

Edition Wilhelm Hansen congratulates both composers with the prestigious prize. The honorary prize consists of 600.000 Danish Kroner to each participant (appr 80,000 €) and the presentation of the prizes will take place at a concert on November 27. Music by both prize-winning composers will be performed at the concert. Among the works to be presented is a world premiere by Juliana Hodkinson, a new piece for orchestra and solo electric guitar. Aart Strootman will be the soloist.

John Frandsen's Requiem on Dacapo Records:
http://www.dacapo-records.dk/da/recording-john-frandsen-requiem.aspxJuliana Hodkinson - Angel View (2014)
Performed by SCENATET, May 11 2014 at Granhøj Dans, Aarhus, Denmark.

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