Terry Riley Premiere at Barbican Centre

Terry Riley Premiere at Barbican Centre
Terry Riley Photo: Amelia Lukas
At the Barbican Centre on July 18, the world premiere of Bell Station III, composed by a founding member the Minimalist movement, Terry Riley, will be performed. The work will be played by Terry Riley himself on vocals and prepared piano, and will also feature the Tiffin Boys Choir as well as members of the London Contemporary Orchestra. The choir is directed by Simon Toyne and will be conducted by Robert Ames. This Project is part of Doug Aitken’s Station to Station, A 30 Day Happening. Riley’s premiere will be just one of 50 performances taking place in this ‘living exhibition’ with over 100 artists involved over a period of 30 days to create a fusion between international and UK-based artists.

Terry Riley recently celebrated his 80th Birthday and is taking up residency in the Gallery at the Barbican as part of Station to Station, composing and rehearsing this new piece prior to the performance. Known for his structured interlocking repetitive patterns, Riley demonstrates his imagination in this new work while audience members can gain understanding and comprehension of his creative process during his time in the Gallery.

Live visuals created by Doug Aitken’s frequent collaborator Austin Meredith, are also showcased throughout the performance by using film footage that is repeated, overlaid and mirrored. This is not the first time that Riley, Aitken and Meredith have collaborated as they previously worked on Aitkens’ Altered Earth Project. In this particular project, Meredith responded with the themes of religious imagery and visuals of nature to Riley’s ritualistic and hypnotic music.

In this live concert at 8pm, a solo performance by Terry Riley will also feature, with him playing Korg Triton synthesizer. More information about this concert and where to purchase tickets can be found here.

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