New release of works by Henrik Hellstenius

New release of works by Henrik Hellstenius

Norwegian violinist Peter Herrestahl is the soloist on the latest release of a digital album by BIS, with works by Edition Wilhelm Hansen composer Henrik Hellstenius.

On this digital release you can find Hellstenius’ captivating orchestral piece Like Objects in a Dark Room. The length of a true concert opener, the nine minute work takes the listener through a room full of sound objects: a snaredrum whirls, flutes trill, strings flutter … and together the objects create a world of sounding characters whirling around the listener creating constantly new constellations and experiences.

The main piece on the digital release is the violin concerto In Memoriam composed in 2012. The concerto is written in memory of Henrik Hellstenius’ own father who died of Alzheimer’s disease. The composer says in the liner notes to the release: ‘the way the world blurs, and becomes less present for you when you have Alzheimer’s is kind of a model for the piece - and of course there is a lament from my side which is present throughout the piece.’ The concerto is Hellstenius’ second violin concerto and was premiered by Peter Herrestahl and Tapiola Sinfonietta in 2013. On the new digital release both works by Hellstenius are performed by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Rolf Gupta.

The release can be viewed at the following link:

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