Hodkinson’s chamber opera Turbulence available online

Hodkinson’s chamber opera Turbulence available online
Juliana Hodkinson (photo: Lars Skaaning)

The year 2015 marks the centenary of an important political milestone in Denmark: The 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote.

Juliana Hodkinson’s chamber opera TURBULENCE is featured online and has been created as part of an e-book called LIGE – which is the word for EQUAL in Danish.

Here are quotes from the press release:

”We are pleased to announce the upcoming online launch of the chamber opera TURBULENCE, with libretto by Cynthia Troup and music by Juliana Hodkinson. From 2nd of June 2015, it will be possible to discover TURBULENCE as filmed by artist Peter Humble. TURBULENCE was commissioned and first produced by Chamber Made Opera, Melbourne. The film version has been created for the e-book LIGE, released on 2nd of June 2015 by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Danish Ministry of Equality in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. LIGE celebrates the 100th anniversary of the achievement of female suffrage in Denmark, presenting projects by 20 artists whose work addresses the cultural politics of gender today in a variety of media.

Settle back for an immersive journey that attempts to close the distance between a Mother and her 19-year-old Daughter in an aircraft passenger cabin. TURBULENCE is an edge-of-seat flight for voice and electronics unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Written and composed by women, TURBULENCE involves an all-female cast, consisting of a Mother (soprano), Daughter (actor), and the voices of a female pilot, flight announcer and baby. Set high in the sky in an airline passenger cabin, the opera plays out as a musical drama between the two main characters. The parallel monologues of the singing mother and her speaking daughter tilt, interweave, and collide; at times their articulations in the white-noise spectrum seem to be their only common language. This charged sonic environment includes the popping and rushing of an unreliable flight intercom system, an amplified transistor radio, a handluggage-sized synthesiser, and the haunting aria 'For those who are near you are far away', with its soaring opening line, 'Sky as blue'.”

TURBULENCE is a work that appeals to audiences of many ages and is suitable for festivals and smaller operahouses/ensembles alike.

TURBULENCE is written for soprano, actor and electronics and is available for performances worldwide.

See the web-version of Turbulence at the following link: http://lige-kunst.dk/#juliana_hodkinson

See the whole publication here: http://lige-kunst.dk/

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