'Seeing New Music': the eyes of a graphic designer

'Seeing New Music': the eyes of a graphic designer
For the past 10 years, graphic designer Denise Burt has explored contemporary classical music through her marvelous album cover art.

In her new book, Seeing New Music, just released in the US (and also available in the UK and Denmark), Burt selects 24 of her CD designs and gives insight on how these were created.

Burt observes:
I've been repeatedly told over the years that the CD is dead…I don't worry any more about them becoming obsolete. What interests me is not the format itself but the challenge of finding a way to represent and communicate conceptual music to new audiences. It's the ultimate design task to try to make someone understand something about a piece of music before they have heard it.
Composers with CDs featured in the book include Michael Gordon, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Vagn Holmboe, Anders Koppel, David Lang, Per Nørgård, Terry Riley, Bent Sørensen, and Julia Wolfe.

To see a gallery of covers and to hear selections with Spotify, visit ElevatorDesign.dk

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