Sultry Summer Nights

Sultry Summer Nights
The sultry nights of summer are just around the corner and it’s got us dreaming of open air concerts. What's an outdoor, summer concert without a little wine and cheese? Dust off you picnic baskets; sharpen your corkscrews and settle into today's playlist — pairings of wine and cheese for some classic summer sounds.

Complete recordings are available in our Sultry Summer Nights playlist on Spotify. Mikhail Glinka
Allow a crisp Albariño and an aged Manchego to wrap you in a warm Spanish embrace. Summer Night in Madrid (Fantasy on Spanish Themes)
available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only
Sergei Prokofiev
The lush, romantic chords of Prokofiev’s Summer Night pair well with a bold Chardonnay and decadent triple-cream brie.  Summer Night (suite from 'The Betrothal in a Monastery')
available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only
Virgil Thomson
This memory of a hot Parisian eve yearns for a few sips of a red burgundy and an artisanal Vacherin. Mon dieu! The Seine at Night
Silvestre Revueltas
Revueltas' unrelenting Mayan romp may be a little too wild for wine; perhaps a shot of tequila is in order instead! Oh and don’t forget the Oaxaca buttonSensemayá
Manuel de Falla
The mightiest of Spanish reds, Rioja, is the only wine you’ll need when listening to this masterwork. For a snack, spread some goat cheese on piece of crusty bread and drizzle with buttonNights in the Gardens of Spain
George Antheil
Munch on an exotic Dzuiga cheese while enjoying Antheil’s gem. We’ve never tried one ourselves but hear that a nutty, brown ale is the perfect complement to this Lithuanian delicacy. Lithuanian Night
Peter Lieberson
Romance is in the air when Neruda is on the program. Settle in with a velvety Carménère, some chanco and someone you buttonNeruda Songs
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, ed. Gunther Schuller
This sweet, little symphony would do just fine with a Reisling. Pair with a smoky gouda and let the music take you away. Symphonie Romantique (Night in the Tropics)
Camargo (Mozart) Guarnieri
Dip into this Brazilian number with a cool bottle of spicy Lambrusco and fresh loaf of Brazilian cheese buttonDansa Brasileira

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