Premiere of Andy Pape's new opera - Andre Bygninger

Premiere of Andy Pape's new opera - Andre Bygninger
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A prolific composer with a string of operas under his belt Andy Pape is one of Denmark’s most well-known and well-loved composers of operas.

Andy Pape, who was born in California and has lived in Denmark for most of his life, debuted as an opera composer with Houdini the Great, which was premiered in 1989 and subsequently performed far and wide - including Houston, Texas and Kuala Lumpur. Pape’s numerous operas, also including Houdini The Great and Sigurd the Dragonslayer, have been commissioned by The Royal Danish Opera, The Danish National Opera of Aarhus, The New Opera of Esbjerg and The Funen Opera – to name a few.

Other Buildings is the culmination of Andy Pape’s work as composer in residence at The Funen Opera: “TFO and the Danish Arts Foundation have, quite exceptionally, granted me three years to work out the story as well as the narrative style, the musical universe and the very sound of this dystopic love story.”

Andy Pape’s new opera, Andre Bygninger – Other Buildings, with a libretto by Rasmus Zwicki, revolves around Senza and her desperate search for her lost love, Ricordo. She lives her life in Building 2, just like everyone else, where she works in the Department of Valuations. But she has a dangerous suspicion that this building is not the only one.

In her struggle with the labyrinthine bureaucracy and the relentless intelligence service, she is involved in the secret resistance movement, and she closes in on the answer to the question whether other buildings exist.

Premiere: 24th april 2015 at the Funen Opera House
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