In Living Color

In Living Color
In Living Color

The complex palate of the human spirit has always been inspired by the colors of our world. The hues and shades of our dreams, lusts, sorrows, and despairs create the colorful tapestry upon which our stories are written, all against the kaleidoscopic backdrop of the natural world.

These masterful pieces tell a story in living color as they lead us over and through their rainbow, with an inevitable end into a pot of gold. Take a listen. Hear the colors. How do they inspire you today?
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Terry Riley
A Rainbow In Curved Air (1968) — piano

John Harbison
Rubies (after Thelonious Monk's "Ruby My Dear") orchestra

Reinhold Gliere
The Red Poppy, Suite No. 1 from the ballet (1926) — orchestra

Bright Sheng
Colors Of Crimson (2004) — marimba and orchestra

John Corigliano
The Red Violin: Chaconne For Violin and Orchestra (1997)

André Previn
Peaches (1978) — flute and piano

Joan Tower
Copperwave (2006) — brass quintet

Britta Byström
Symphony In Yellow (2003) — violin, cello and piano

Thea Musgrave
Green (2008) — string orchestra

Magnus Lindberg
Coyote Blues (1993) — large ensemble

George Fenton
The Blue Planet: Theme (2001) — orchestra

Bryce Dessner
Little Blue Something (2012) — string quartet

Duke Ellington
Mood Indigo (1930) — orchestra

Joan Tower
Wild Purple (1998) — viola

Black, White, Silver, and Gold
Bright Sheng
The Black Swan (Intermezzo) (2010) — orchestra

Duke Ellington
Black, Brown, and Beige (1943) — orchestra

Joan Tower
Silver ladders (1986) — orchestra

Charles T. Griffes
The White Peacock (1919) — orchestra

John Corigliano
A Black November Turkey (2003) — orchestra

Franz Lehár
Gold and Silver Waltzorchestra