The Rise of the Machines!

The Rise of the Machines!
Technology Themes in Music

As our society grows more and more dependent on the use of automated machinery and computers, it only makes sense that composers of the 20th and 21st centuries will continue to be inspired by an ever-changing landscape of new gadgets and technological advances.

From Antheil to Adams — check out our listening list of works that will bring out your inner robot! Plunge into a world of Trains, Airplanes, and all types of Machines…
Listen on Spotify John Adams
Grand Pianola Music (1981)

Robert Xavier Rodríguez
Flight: The Story of Wilbur and Orville Wright (2002)

Michael Nyman
MGV (Musique à Grande Vitesse) (1993)

Julia Wolfe
Fuel (2007)

Magnus Lindberg
Engine (1996)

Arthur Bliss
Things To Come, concert music from the film (1935)

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SoundCloud Nathaniel Stookey
Mahlerwerk (2011)

Augusta Read Thomas
Trainwork (2002)

David Lang
International Business Machine (1990)

Anders Brødsgaard
Soft Machine (1995)
Watch on YouTube Michael Gordon
Industry (1992) Nico Muhly
Drones, Variations, Ornaments (2011) George Antheil
Ballet mécanique, revised version (1923, rev. 1953) Esa-Pekka Salonen
Foreign Bodies (2001) John McCabe
Joybox (2013) Missy Mazzoli
River Rouge Transfiguration (2013)
Other Notable Works  Søren Nils Eichberg
Night Machine (2006)

Juliana Hodkinson
Machine à Eau (1998)

John Harle
The Little Death Machine (2002)

Rob Kapilow
Union Station (2000)

Philip Glass
Mechanical Ballet from "The Voyage" (1992)