The Liberator released on DVD

The Liberator released on DVD
Alberto Arvelo’s biopic of freedom fighter, Simón Bolivar is released on DVD on Tuesday. Arvelo’s visually stunning film is brought to life by an equally evocative score composed by Gustavo Dudamel of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Starting out only as a musical advisor to Arvelo’s project, Dudamel was soon drawn to the task of composing the score himself. Dudamel’s debut film score is filled with a blend of traditional South American music and references to iconic classical works, most notably Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, with a view to present the human aspect of the iconic leader’s complex character. The score has subsequently been reduced into a suite by the composer and published by Chester Music.

The Liberator follows the thirty year career of Simón Bolivar who, inspired by the teaching of European enlightenment thinkers, led a military campaign beginning in Venezuela against the Spanish Empire that continued to span across the entire continent and found five separate republican states. Dudamel suggests that ‘Bolívar is not just a character in history books. He was a real hero – a man whose ambition was not heroism itself, but who became a hero through his words and his actions in fighting for great humanistic ideals.’

To read more about Dudamel’s thoughts behind Bolivar and his score follow the links below.

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