The Movement Mixtapes: Punch

The Movement Mixtapes: Punch
© Asif Akbar
Introducing "The Movement Mixtapes," a curated collection of playlists for choreographers loosely based on the Laban Effort Actions: Float, Punch, Glide, Slash, Dab, Wring, Flick, and Press.
Punch gets right to the point with its violent direct sound that seems to overcome weight, space, and time. Sudden hits in the music can be found in John Corigliano's Winging It for solo piano, Scanner's Amarant 2 for orchestra and electronics, and in Lera Auerbach's frantic presto movement from her Piano Trio. Don't let the slow sections fool you…violent tonal and rhythmic clashes are lurking in the shadows.

This mixtape also features works by David Lang, Julia Wolfe, Avner Dorman, Bryce Dessner, and Gabriel Yared.

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