The Ghosts of Versailles at Los Angeles Opera – 'truly enthralling'

The Ghosts of Versailles at Los Angeles Opera – 'truly enthralling'
© Ben Gibbs
Final performances February 26 and March 1

"The Ghosts of Versailles changed the dynamic of opera in this country"

"Before Ghosts of Versailles, patrons at the Met weren't excited about new opera. After Ghosts they were…The Ghosts of Versailles changed the dynamic of opera in this country. Suddenly it became desirable to commission contemporary work."
— Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Culture Monster, Feb 5 2015

"It's comic and serious, entertaining and erudite, silly and thoughtful, emotional and mysterious, harrowing and uplifting, intimate and over-the-top — and the more times you see it, the more you'll find in it and the more you'll get out of it."
— Richard S. Ginell, Los Angeles Times, Feb 8 2015

"The Ghosts of Versailles is far more of a sentimental fantasy than a political satire, and several of its most affecting — and effective — musical parts are the romantic duets and solo arias…Composer Corigliano blends Romantic classical tradition with more modern sounds, such as the eerie chimes and disembodied, jackal-like choral voices that signify the ghost world."
— Falling James, LA Weekly, Feb 10 2015

"Corigliano's music is like a fragrant bouquet: wisps of Neoclassical, ethereal melodies interspersed with Modernist dissonances, hints of Mozart and Rossini mingled with Richard Strauss. The score is layered and complex yet approachable and moving. Corigliano even conjures Gilbert and Sullivan in Figaro's Act I aria."
— Jane Rosenburg, Seen and Heard International, Feb 9 2015

"More than 20 years after its New York debut, The Ghosts of Versailles has still only been performed in a handful of cities around the world so far, but Tresnjak and company make a strong case that the work is finally ready for its close-up. Expect to see this production become one of LA's cultural exports."
— Lyle Zimskind, LAist, Feb 11 2015

"Ghosts is a truly enthralling opera that deserves to be seen and heard more often. This was, indeed, an extraordinary evening."
— Maria Nockin, Opera Today, Feb 15 2015

"Ghosts appeared, ghosts sang and ghosts were expiated as Los Angeles Opera unveiled its new production of John Corigliano’s 1991 opera, The Ghosts of Versailles, in a staging that can only be described as a spectral spectacular….The Ghosts of Versailles is by turns fascinating, musically provocative, lyrically entrancing and laugh-out-loud outrageous — a feast for the eyes and ears….The Ghosts of Versailles is a bold declaration that the company has returned. When Figaro proclaims his newfound power in the opera, proclaiming, 'I'm home,' Los Angeles Opera can proudly make the same claim."
— Jim Farber, Los Angeles Daily News, Feb 10 2015

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