Scanner: Tavener Deconstructed/Reconstructed

Scanner: Tavener Deconstructed/Reconstructed
On January 11, as part of  the Minimalism Unwrapped series at Kings Place Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) presents a new suite based on the music of composer John Tavener which expands, diffuses and amplifies his work through rewritings. Taking original themes and turning them inside out Scanner creates a new space where the music can be heard afresh.

In recent years Scanner has reworked the works of British band Joy Division with Heritage Orchestra with Live_Transmission, as well as works focusing on John Dowland, Edgard Varèse, Handel and Bach. The show promises to take an exploratory and meditative viewing of Tavener to create a mesmeric transformative performance that captures the radiant splendour and warmth of the source material. Using electronics and live instrumentation Scanner will create a mournful and hauntingly vivid sound portrait of an inspiring figure sorely now absent.

The previous evening, January 10, Scanner also presents another new work, Unsleeping,a  commission from London Sinfonietta, inspired by Terry Riley's seminal work In C. The new piece will be performed alongside the original In C as part of a concert celebrating a work that has helped define a new style of composition.

For tickets and more information visit the Kings Place website.

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