Philip Glass: The Complete Piano Etudes

Philip Glass: The Complete Piano Etudes
From November 25 ‘The Complete Piano Etudes’ by Philip Glass are available from Dunvagen, part of the Music Sales Group of companies.

You can purchase the complete set in print from You can also download the individual etudes from or from

The publications have been made available to coincide with the release of a recording of The Complete Piano Etudes on Orange Mountain Music, performed by the pianist Maki Namakawa.

About the Etudes…
‘The Complete Piano Etudes’ is the first ever publication of all twenty of Glass's beautifully simple pieces for solo piano.

With their deft rhythmic and dynamic changes, exciting harmonies and moving melodies, the etudes are a joy to hear and play. Glass has composed 20 pieces that are at once relaxing and musically captivating, making this collection ideal for a committed fan as well as a casual pianist. The pieces explore a diverse range of textures, techniques and harmony, making this sheet music perfect for a pianist looking to immerse themselves in more lyrical ways of playing, or simply to enjoy the subtle beauty of the pieces. Composed over two decades between 1991 to 2012, the etudes were originally released as two books along with a recording of the first ten by Glass himself in 2003. Now, this collection contains all of the etudes, first conceived as a self-teaching tool to enhance and aid Glass's own understanding of the instrument.

Philip Glass comments: The Etudes are meant to be appreciated not only by the general listener, but especially by those who have the ability and patience to learn, play and perform the music themselves.

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