Sibelius and Nielsen 150 years

Sibelius and Nielsen 150 years
In 2015 two of the most important profiles in Nordic music - if not the most important aesthetic innovators - Jean Sibelius and Carl Nielsen - will celebrate their 150th anniversary.

We introduce news in relation to the two composers - new arrangements, lesser known works and rarities - something different for those who want to celebrate the two masters. Ideas and inspiration for something different from the symphonies that in many ways have become synonymous with the two composers.

Jean Sibelius

The Tempest -  new sets of parts and arrangements of the complete incidental music are now available. Finnish composer Jouni Kaipainen has arranged the complete incidental music for chamber orchestra so that Sibelius´s wonderful music to Shakespeare´s play is now available for more orchestras around the world.
For further information on the new version for chamber orchestra please contact our hire library:

Scaramouche is a roguish clown character of the Italian commedia dell´arte who wears a black mask and, sometimes, glasses. He entertains the audience with his "grimaces and affected language". Sibelius´ music for the Danish playwright Poul Knudsen´s Scaramouch from 1913 - complete pantomime and suite is available; explore some lesser known music by the great master.

Carl Nielsen

Many contemporary Danish composers have felt inspired by Carl Nielsen´s profound and groundbreaking musical ideas; they have chosen to arrange Nielsen´s original work into a format and set-up that perhaps fits the concept or the music, often better than what Nielsen himself wrote. Hans Abrahamsen (born 1952) is one such composer. His arrangement of Symphony no. 6 is a truly beautiful arrangement that brings out the best in what could perhaps be considered Nielsen´s most original symphonic concept.

Nielsen´s organ classic Commotio has inspired three Danish composers to rewrite the music in a different format. Hans Abrahamsen, Bo Holten and Karl Aage Rasmussen have written their orchestral versions or interpretation of the music. Karl Aage Rasmussen´s interpretation is already available from Edition Wilhelm Hansen. Aarhus Symphony Orchestra will give Hans Abrahamsen´s instrumentation of Commotio its world premier in 2014. For further information on the two versions of Commotio please contact our hire library:

And speaking of instrumentations - fancy a second violin concerto by Nielsen? Bo Holten´s masterful orchestration of the second sonata for violin and piano is a wonderful second concerto. National premieres are available.

The Carl Nielsen Edition features, alongside the beloved classics, a lot of lesser known works and rarities - a new set of parts for the incidental music and cantatas are in the making for 2015. Please visit the Carl Nielsen Edition website for further information.

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